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A digital jukebox for restaurants, coffee shops, or venues of any kind. Owners download the app, link their Spotify account, and allow visitors to vote on what's next in the music queue from a web app.

Technical Highlights

  • Live updates from visitor votes
  • Interfaces with custom API
  • Spotify SDK integration for browsing and selecting playlists

Commentary App

Reading Bible commentaries has never been easier. This is a passion project sprouting from my own desire to read biblical literature. Select your book, chapter, and commentary to get started. Coming Summer 2018.

Technical Highlights

  • Powered by Firebase Realtime Database
  • Database cleaned and organized by Node.js helper
  • Download content into Core Data for offline reading

Mafia Mystery

The classic party game gone digital. Over 250K players in the popular game of investigation, lying, and killing. Although I joined this project several years after its original release, I was able to contribute several important features.

Technical Highlights

  • Helped transfer all chat traffic from old API to Firebase
  • Designed and added custom "roles" overview screen
  • Contributed to improving the social media sharing experience with images generated by NSImage contexts


The classic puzzler revived in videogame form. Try your best to fit all of the shapes perfectly into the outline.

Technical Highlights

  • Contributed to core gameplay features including shape rotation, movement, snapping, and hints
  • Challenges included seamlessly transitioning between SKScenes and UIViews
  • Added "juiciness" in the form of chained SKActions for restarting and completing levels

Share the Story

The digital companion to The Story book. Learn the story of God through several chapters of memorizable content.

Technical Highlights

  • Developed the "memorize" view which allows users to adjust what percentage of words are blanked out
  • Developed algorithm to match blank widths to the width of the replaced word
  • Refactored the above algorithm until the blanking-out animation was completely fluid

Email Tool

This tool was developed during my internship at CenturyLink. Before the summer ended, my team's app had already replaced its predecessor and received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Technical Highlights

  • Led the team in maintaining a standard frontend design
  • Created the page in which emails were written, edited, and styled
  • Overcame multiple hurdles to save emails properly to the provided SQL database

Team Assessment Quiz

Christ Fellowship Church has many members and plenty of service teams to get involved in. They came to us with the idea to make a quiz that could help place individuals in a fitting team.

Technical Highlights

  • Developed the majority of the quiz
  • Formulated a reusable container for each question that was compact and maintanable
  • Implemented Material Design-like elements using custom CSS and Javascript animations